Starseed Empowerment Healing Sessions

Dear Beautiful Starseeds, 2016 – 2022 have been intens with Quantum Upgrades and Inner Child Healings and Starseed Epowerment for myself. Now I am in a state of ease and grace and flow. My talents beautifuly evolved and my emotions deeply healed. My super power is feeling. My channeling really got Quantum Upgraded. I translate that to sound healing music in solfeggio frequencies @ Pleiadian Music, feelings, words and language. Being a portal for you, so that you can connect with your deeper feelings and heal from that level.

With this Starseed Empowerment Healing Session it is my goal is to Empower You! and to teach you how you can empower yourself. Working from the inside out! Connecting you with who you truly are. And that you live your life to the fullest with your gifts and talents on this planet earth with embodiment of this all.

Often I get the question: I am a Starseed but I do not know where I am from or can you do a reading for me. To be honest, I do not like readings, that is like somebody telling who you are? My advice is, and how I do it myself and also what I advice to others is: search for images of star systems, planets etc on the internet and read also written text about this. Then the most important step comes: relax and slow down, yes relax deeply and slow down like you are in slow motion and then start FEELING what RESONATES! You can feel best what resonates when you become really relaxed and slowed down. You know from inside out, you can feel it, what is your truth and what is not. And then believe your feelings (most of us have difficulty to believe these feelings). We are trained at school and by society to NOT use our feelings. I can learn you that and also that you believe and trust your own feelings.

A lot of people do not realise that a lot of questions are Inner Child patterns. I will give you an example to explain. When you read about characteristics of a Pleiadian Starseed and that resonates, you feel more whole, you feel excited, you feel seen, you feel recognition, you feel connected, you feel home etc. On a deeper unconscious Inner Child level, by reading these words and feeling your feelings, your Inner Child feels whole, inspired, recognized, seen, connected and home. Getting a sort of proof from this Pleiadian Starseed description, it verifies the unconscious Inner Child Patterns that it is okay and special instead of weird and feelings of not belonging.

I work with different techniques like, relaxing and slow motion, as I said before slowing down is key!, somatic experiencing, Inner Child Healing, regression and I have my guides assisting me in reading your unconcsiousness (with persons, emotions, words, energy forms, multi-dimensional forms etc, always what is closely related to you) so that I can make you aware and conscious. I work 100% with feeling, as they say: “you have got to feel it to heal it”. Having done these procceses myself for many years, I am your Portal to connect you with your deeper self and make you aware and awake. I am a wayshower.

The feelings you get with the awarenesses, the “AAHAA” moments. Then you KNOW! Because you had the experience YOURSELF. I am able to help you with this and also to learn you how to do this, so that you can use that for self healing too.

Here more info about how I work:

– Please send me a whats app or SMS tekst that you would like a session, then we plan one together, please contact me @ +31621648540

– I work with videocall with whats app or Skype, or other by request

– A session can be 1 hour (111 euros) or 1,5 hour (222 euro)

– Payment is upfront done by PayPal or other, in advance before your sessions starts

– I always work in the NOW moment and always FREE FLOW, energy will be presented to me and I work with that, together with you together, it is a 2 way synergy, not a 1 way.

Love & Light, Monica van der Lem

You can also find more info and book your session at my Pleiadian Music website

I am sound and music, energy reader & energy healer, an old soul, Pleiadian Starseed, Mintaken Starseed, Arcturian Starseed, and maybe some more starseeds but I am also in an ongoing process of empowerment & transformation. I love white and diamonds and tachyons. My super power is feeling and working with autonomic nervous system stress release. I am a big believer of non-duality. Thank you for co-creating. We are One!