International Consulting in English

Body and Energy in Balance Logo realLichaam en Energie in Balans is the name (in Dutch) of my practice since 2007, since 2018 I start working internationally with video chat, I was allready using video chat consult national since 2014, the translation of my practice name is: Body and Energy in Balance

Under Dutch law I am a registered Naturopathic Therapist and I have a degree in Clinical Chemistry and Hematology.

Clients allready contacted me from: Brasil, Argentinia, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany, Begium, France, Italy, Poland


“Internet and WiFi make it possible that my practice is all over the world”



More information about me and the treatment plan I can offer my clients is in Dutch on my website and please use GOOGLE TRANSLATE to read in English or your own language.

To plan your intake consult send me a WhatsApp message with your full name = +31621648540, I will contact you after I have recieved you message. All first consults, also Dutch, must pay the consult price in advance (International bank transfer or PayPal). For new clients it is possible to have a 10 minute FREE consult to meet Monica and experience her testing and ask some short questions. You can schedule this also by contacting with WhatsApp message. Please do NOT message your health details! WhatsApp is to plan your consult, your health details will be reviewed only with 10 minute FREE consult and intake consult. Consult price: Intake consult 1 hour = 100 euro’s and follow up consult 1 hour = 100 euro’s, first 3 consults are always 1 hour, if follow up consult is less then an hour, euro’s per ratio time will be charged.

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Warm regard, Monica van der Lem